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Jungle Adventure Program – 4 Days/3 Nights


Day 1: Monkey Island and walk in the jungle – Night Caiman Search

Reception at the airport or at the bus station and transfer to our office for the records
Transfer to the port of Rio Madre de Dios where we take the boat for an hour’s journey lead us to our lodge (lodge) – Welcome meeting with a delicious fruit juice and installation area in their rooms.

After a good rest, you will have an introductory two-hour hike through the rainforest, guided by skilled and experienced local guides who will take you through our trails and you may, see the wonderful flora some trees that can have more than five hundred year ± os, could simultaneously; see birds like toucans, orioles, trogons, macaws, monkeys, snakes, butterflies, etc.. You have the opportunity to experience the magic of our forest that is adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve (278,000 hectares protected). After a nap after lunch across the river Madre de Dios, against nuetro hostel we go to Monkey Island where we will go to see a family of capuchin monkeys, but first there will be sought between the various trails.

At night alligator tours, MOTHER OF GOD river light of lanterns, find alligators, they can measure up to three meters over sand banks and we can see the capybara the world’s largest rodent weighing up to 60 kilos, return to alberge dinner and rest.

Day 2: Sandoval Lake and walk into the Jungle

After breakfast, we headed early sandoval port from where we will walk 5 km Amidst the dense rainforest, on our way to Lake Sandoval we will see a lick of palms (unique in the world) where we observe variety of macaws and parrots eating dead palm wood, continuing the hike up to the lake Sandoval (piranha lives) one of the largest reserves, this lake is a ravishing beauty and see many wild animals, where we will a ride in a rowing boat and appreciate great variety of birds and monkeys of different species (shansho, cormorant, Jacanas, puma heron, buzzards, howler monkey, monkey monk, black capuchin, tamarins and sloths). Maybe we will meet a family giant otter (almost two meters long) that is endangered and largest alligators recorded over 5 meters long, return to the lodge to enjoy a typical local lunch, after lunch we will take a break for enjoy the evening of extraordinary spectacle of the sun setting over the river Madre de Dios. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Full Adventure day

(5:30 a.m.) am a small hike to the canopy, climb on a platform 40 meters high, allowing us to have a bird’s eye panorama, from here, you can see different species of birds, as, toucans, trogons, macaws, eagles, orioles, etc.. After breakfast we prepare for challenges activity on trees over 30 meters high, for this activity we will have an instructor guide who will give us a talk on how to use the safety harness and other equipment very important for our challenges in shooting line, feeling the adrenaline on trees of the virgin forest, return to the lodge. Lunch and rest.

In the afternoon will be a challenge to cross the Rio Madre de Dios reaching kayak monkey island and enjoying a chapuson in the waters of the Rio Madre de Dios, then go fishing in a stream fish in the area have the opportunity to even catch piranhas.

Day 4: Returning to Puerto Maldonado

Breakfast and return to the city, transfer to the airport and / or bus terminal

Included/Not Includes


$ 242.00 USD


$ 235.00 USD

Level: Easy to Medium
Schedule: 4 days / 3 night
Season: All year
Passanger Minimum: 5px

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