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Enjoy the carnivals to the fullest in the city of Cusco


The cusqueño carnival. Festivity that unites the population of Cusco through allegory and measured play. The "yunzas or cortamontes", are the main attraction of this party that consists of the profusion of the game with water, talcum powder and mixture.

The main festival of the Cusqueño Carnival is held in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, with the presentation of public and private institutions, which offer the best of their dances, parades and gangs, many of them winners of the various Carnival Festivals of the South Valley and Sacred Valley of the Inkas.

In the same way, a carnival gastronomic festival is developed, where the various dishes and drinks predominate as the "puchero" or "timpu" for the delight and satisfaction of the audience.


Central date of the carnivals of Cusco

It takes place on Sundays in February and people of all ages participate, throwing water and talcum powder on each other. It is not an exclusive celebration of the people of Cusco because they are glad to know both national and foreign tourists participate in all the celebrations that take place during the carnivals.




Before the central date, the feast of the compadres and the comadres is held, a celebration in which women hang huge ragdolls to make fun of men. The following Thursday, the compadres do the same to continue with the Cusco tradition. During this party, typical regional dishes such as delicious puchero and timpu are prepared.


Celebration of the carnivals of Cusco


The main party takes place in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco; however, it is also celebrated in the communities of the department such as Canchis, Oropesa, San Jerónimo. Pisac and Urubamba. Of all of them, it stands out the Carnival of Ink, city of Tupac Amaru II, where it is ensured that women rule.


Yunza of the Single and Married


In this celebration, married people and singles dance around a tree, cutting it until it falls. This custom has been carried out in the Sacred Valley of the Incas since time immemorial. It is characterized by exposing the typical music of the region and for being the scene of important performances in Quechua. Both residents and tourists participate dancing Huaynos and other traditional dances of Cusco.

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