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Machu Picchu places to recharge 2020 energy

Peru contains very special energy areas that have a particular impact on those who visit those areas. Particularly in  Cusco ,  large amounts of energy are concentrated in the  Sacred Valley of the Incas . No coincidence that there was decided to build Machu Picchu, the sacred capital of the great empire, in what is known as "the navel of the Earth."

Machu Picchu: There are the points of greatest energy

The testimonies of tourists who go to  Machu Picchu  to balance their chakras and recharge their energies are innumerable. Certainly, any visitor who has visited  Cusco , believing or not, has claimed to feel a connection with nature that makes the trip worthwhile. There are much more energy charged points than others, so we present some of the best alternatives:

Intihuatana, the rock that radiates energy

The  Intihuatana  is a solar clock located in  Machu Picchu . It is made of carved rock, made in a single block and its corners are perfectly aligned with the 4 cardinal points. Until a few years ago people laid their hands there and felt the energy directly, but now the device is cordoned off and it is not allowed to touch it. However, the Intihuatana is so powerful and has so much energy that with just passing by you can feel its power.


The Sacred Rock of Machu Picchu

The Incas placed large rocks in the centers of their squares as a representation of  Mother Earth  or  Pachamama  in its purest state. Until a few years ago, the greatest exponent of these sacred monoliths of the Inca capital was in this central square. However, the  Sacred Rock of Machu Picchu  withdrew from the place twice to be used as a heliport: On one occasion for the visit of the kings of Spain and another for the leaders of the Andean Community of Nations.

Currently, the sacred rock of  Machu Picchu  has moved to a nearby place and has been cordoned off, but like the  Intihuatana , it emits large amounts of energy and its power is evident.

Do not forget to visit these energy centers , you will definitely feel your whole body and spirit renewed, always with the respective planning of the trip. In addition, you can complete the tour knowing other attractive places in the area.

To complete this magical and relaxing experience, we recommend staying at the  Casa del Sol hotel  in Aguas Calientes ( Machu Picchu  Pueblo). Very timely it  has a sanctuary of relaxation with a panoramic view  of the Vilcanota River that  will fill you with peace  and close with a flourish this comforting experience.


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